Read Me 1st

One thing I've learned in my 29 years of being a financial advisor is that people don't want to know about investments and insurance to the extent that I do; they just want to know that they can call me, count on me and I'll know what to do. It pays to have a nerd on your team...that's what makes Robin Morgan Financial different.

Ever think that investing is like learning a new language written by lawyers and that no one can agree on what is important and how it relates to your particular situation? One of my strengths is to break down the lingo and educate you on what applies to your particular situation to give you peace of mind and confidence while setting up your plan of action to meet your goals.

I love going to conferences, workshops, other educational events, reading,  and analyzing  the best new products and strategies that can be successfully implemented into your plan. Your success is my success. My motto is there is no such thing as too much information.

On a more personal note, I am the proud parent of my fur kids Buddy & Monica. What joy they bring me!  On a daily basis they can find me reading books, financial publications, and  watching TV to keep me up to date on what's going on in the world of financial advising and insurance. I'm not on Facebook but that doesn't mean that I don't keep up with technology and the next best thing. I just look at things from a different perspective. The behind the scenes is what made Facebook successful perspective.

I graduated from  Delta State University with a degree in business. I have been a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider(ELP) for investments since 2001 and am a current Smart Vestor Pro. I have Series 6, 7, 63, and 66 licenses which means I can do just about any type of investment. I also am licensed to offer the following types of insurance from multiple insurance companies: long term care (Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider, "ELP), life, disability, medicare supplements, prescription drug plans, and health insurance.

Give me a call and lets discuss how I can help you meet your goals at 601-707-9660.  Your initial consultation is free!

And you nerds that are still reading this . . . welcome home!